"Godsdamnit, somehow she’d still ended up stuck in charge."[1]

Abigail is a soldier in Catherine Foundling's army, that often is used for interlude perspectives.

Abigail is convinced the world is out to get her, and has never quite managed to not be terrified of all the horrors Cat's soldiers routinely are presented with.

Background[edit | edit source]

As her name implies, Abigail originally lived in Summerholm. Her father was mentioned to be a bartender who was frequently drunk, while her mother was a beer brewer. She has two brothers. Her family house was burned down by Goblinfire when Cat fought the Lone Swordsman the second time. When her uncle told her that if she wanted to live under his roof she would have to learn how to tan leather, she drunkenly refused, insulted the entire family and went off to join the Legions.[2]

Book 3[edit | edit source]

After her training at one of the many Callowan recruitment camps Abigail would join the Fifteenth Legion as a Captain under Legate Hune's command. She fought in the Arcadian Campaign[3], battling in both the Battle of Five Armies and One and the Battle of Dormer, where she would learn what Fae blood tastes like after screaming while panicking and hacking a Fae soldier to death.

After that she would fight at the Battle of Dead Dawn, where she got an eye injured and healed, and Akua's Folly[3]. After which, when Catherine reclaimed the Kingdom of Callow's independence and the Fifteenth was reorganised into the Army of Callow, Abigail would continue to serve in it. She was recommended for promotion to Tribune and got transferred from General Hune to General Nauk's command. Unfortunately for Abigail, she considered this even more dangerous.

Book 4[edit | edit source]

Tribune Abigail would then go on to fight at the Battle of the Camps, as part of the four thousand men fighting under Nauk and holding the west flank of the battle against the detachment of twelve thousand men backed by several Heroes, including the Saint of Swords, under Princess Adeline of Orne and Prince Arnaud of Cantal.

After the Night of Knives, Abigail would calm a riot in Laure by opening up the beer cellars of Laure and getting the rioters drunk. As every military officer ranked above her had been assassinated, she became the highest ranking military officer in the city, Catherine ordering Juniper to give her a field promotion to legate and de facto rule over the Callowan capital until Hakram and Thief returned to the city.

Book 5[edit | edit source]

During the reorganisation of the Army of Callow, Abigail's field promotion to a legate was made permanent, partially due to the lack of competent officers after the casualties of the Battle of the Camps. She was assigned under General Nauk's Third Army of Callow, serving as the fourth-in-command of the host. Later, during the Battle of Sarcella, after the assassination of General Nauk, Legate Jwahir and the other two veteran legates by the Lantern warrior-priests, Legate Abigail wound up in command of the Third Army of Callow.

When Cat returned in the later half of the Battle of Sarcella, she would promote Legate Abigail into a general, much to Abigail's horror. General Abigail was then given personal lessons by Queen Catherine in tactics and strategy, as Catherine intended for her to permanently become the leader of the Third Army. At the funeral for Nauk and the other fallen, Catherine gave the Third Army the Cognomen Dauntless and gave General Abigail the honour of throwing the first torch to light the pyres.

When the armies moved to regroup with Juniper and the Legions-in-exile, General Abigail was ordered to fly the Fourth Army's banner alongside her own after seizing the western hills. She ordered the ranks thinned to make it appear as though there were more legionaries than there actually were. Later, she would then go on to fight in the Princes' Graveyard, commanding the Southern front of the battle.

She faced an army of sixty thousand Grand Alliance men, led by Lord Akil Tanja. Although the traps dug by her sappers slowed their advance, the binders of Malaga unleashed their sorcery and began trampling the traps with their spirits. As General Abigail had absolutely no idea how to counter the binders, she attempted to request a thousand men (a big enough number that doesn't come across as absurd) to sortie, assuming that Marshall Juniper would refuse her, thus giving her an excuse for failing.

Unfortunately, Marshall Juniper decided to trust in her judgement, assuming that she had some sort of scheme afoot, and gave her the knights, much to General Abigail's horror. Thankfully, Special Tribune Robber's detached cohort, which was nominally a member of the Dauntless, independently ambushed the binders from their hiding spots in the traps, their munitions disrupting the Levantine formation and killing a quarter of the mages. Though General Abigail's relief was short-lived as she realised that Special Tribune Robber, the Black Queen's favourite goblin assassin, as she called him, was stuck in the middle of two thousand angry Levantines with no way to escape.

Desperate to extricate Robber, General Abigail barely kept her panic under control as she tried to think how to, before striking an epiphany that the knights could do so. Thus she ordered a cavalry charge on the disrupted Levantine forces, blatantly pretending that her request for the knights was part of a master plan instead of dumb luck.

To her horror, General Abigail's battlefield success led to her gaining international attention as the woman who massacred half of the Dominion's mages. With both the western and eastern coalitions deciding that she was worth watching and a tactical genius, making it even harder for her to quietly retire as more responsibilities were assigned to her.

As General of the Dauntless, General Abigail inherited General Nauk's duty as personal escort of Queen Catherine, being brought to Salia for the peace conference as the leader of the Black Queen's legionary escort and a diplomat of the Army of Callow. After the revelation that Dread Empress Malicia had compromised most of the Army of Callow's highest echelons, Catherine named General Abigail as temporary overall commander of the Army of Callow, as she was the only general who had never set foot in the Tower or met Dread Empress Malicia.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Abigail has black curly hair that is slightly longer than legion regulations allow, a delicate nose, watery blue eyes, and sunburnt cheeks. Abigail is taller than Cat, but no more than Rozala thinks of her as small.

Personality[edit | edit source]

While outwardly confident most of the time, internally Abigail is quite frankly panicking quite often.

Goals[edit | edit source]

While at first Abigail just wants to survive her last 3 years of Legion service, after a certain point she realises she is in over her head and just wants to survive to retire with a sizeable pension.

Appears in[edit | edit source]

Skirmish I - Skirmish II - Chapter 58: Hard Measures/ - Interlude: Kaleidoscope IV - Chapter 48: Shadows - Interlude: Giuoco Pianissimo - Chapter 12: Relief - Interlude: Beheld I - Chapter 13: Following - Chapter 15: Bereavement - Chapter 21: Intervention - Interlude: West, Ever Pursuing - Interlude: Graves We Have Yet To Fill - Interlude: Concourse IV

References[edit | edit source]

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