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Adanna is an Ashuran heroine by the Name of the Blessed Artificer. She crafts miracles with Light and can be considered the Hierophant's heroic mirror or foil.


Adanna is born and raised in Smyrna in the upper tiers. She's a descendant of Praesi highborns, and has the dark skin and golden eyes to visibly make this clear for everyone. She has a strong stance against Praes and praesi culture clashing with her visual appearance.

Adanna joined the Grand Alliance and was a part of the Arsenal, where she used her skills as the Blessed Artificer to make artifacts from miracles and Light. She and Masego tend to clash and have loud arguments, which is at least in part Name-driven. He's a Praesi villain with a Name around dissecting miracles, and she's an anti-Praesi heroine using miracles to create.

Before Book 6, Adanna and Helmgard both had an affair with the villain the Hunted Magician, where the two heroines got back at the villain for two-timing them by deliberately placing their dates at the same time, while the Hunted Magician didn't realize they both knew he was sleeping with both of them.

The Arsenal (Book 6)[]

Adanna was part of the Arsenal Named. She was among the group Catherine suspected might be traitors, and the only one turning out not to be so, fighting side by side with Roland during the fae invasion.

The Hainaut Campaign (Book 6)[]

During the Hainaut campaign, Adanna seem to have a decent working relationship with Cat.


Adanna has the signature look of Wasteland highborns: Tall with dark skin (referred to as straight up black at some point), high cheekbones and golden eyes. Cat notes she doesn't look quite as inhumanly beautiful as highborn aristocracy, but still is far from ugly.[1]

Adanna has small spectacles, and normally wears practical clothing (although she doesn't go as far as to use armour even on a battle field).[1]


Masego: Adanna and Masego notoriously clash with one another whenever they are in the same room. At least part of it is Name-driven as they serves as foils to one-another, but it's normally kept to them yelling at one-another.