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Afolabi Magoro was a Soninke general of the Twelfth Legion of Terror, cognomen Holdfast. He died during the Second Battle of Liesse, leading an assault on the central bastion.[1][2]


Afolabi Magoro came from old Soninke nobility though he wasn’t affiliated with the Truebloods. He enrolled into legions at the beginning of Black’s tenure as the leader of Malicia’s armies.[3][4]

Given his bloodline, Afolabi cut a striking figure. Tall and broad-shouldered, he had a sharply angled face that held deep-set eyes that restlessly scanned his surroundings.[5]

Liesse Rebellion[]

During the Liesse Rebellion, Afolabi and his Twelfth was moved to guard Summerholm whilst Istrid and Sacker went south.[6]

Prior to this deployment, he lost a full thousand - a quarter of his Legion - when the rebels first rose in Marchford. This was mostly because of surprise and the Lone Swordsman. He also wasn’t in command at Marchford so the situation can’t be blamed entirely on him.[6][7][3]

Catherine Foundling first met him when the Fifteenth passed through Summerholm. He tried to keep the peace by enforcing martial law though several of his legionaries were assassinated. The situation was worse because Afolabi’s general staff meetings were infiltrated.[3][5][8]

He invited Catherine to dine with him in the Comital Palace and she used that opportunity to lure the heroes. From then on their relationship turned sour after she flushed out the Lone Swordsman and his band. He had dropped hints that the Fifteenth’s presence in Summerholm was disruptive to civil order. [9]

Arcadian Campaign[]

During the Arcadian Campaign his legion met up with Marshal Ranker, Catherine Foundling and Duchess Kegan in Denier. There, they used gates to enter Arcadia and get to southern Callow much quicker. Afolabi was in charge of the rearguard and covering our supply train.[10]

The relationship between him and Cat continued to deteriorate. He disliked that she held command despite being less experienced than both himself and Marshal Ranker. This was compounded when she ordered him to clean her pipe to establish her dominance. The animosity trickled down to the legions themselves, and the legionaries of the Fifteenth and the Twelfth entered a brawl.[11][12]

During the battle of the Five Armies and One he held one of the flanks, though it’s not specified which.[13] During the assault on Dormer his legion fought against five fae barons. Along with Ranker’s legion the Twelfth held the back of the assault. Overall, the twelfth legion taken serious losses during the campaign and was further brutalized during Second Liesse.[14][15]

Diabolist's Rebellion[]

During the battle of Second Liesse he was assigned the task of attacking the central bastion. Most of his legion perished, and he along with them. He was killed by his own men when they turned into undead.[1][16]

After Second Liesse, what was left of the Twelfth was disbanded and incorporated into the Fourth Army of Callow.[17] In Praes, the legion was raised again by General Yawa who had been a lesser officer under Alofabi.[18]