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"One hand, well, Alamans. They’d try to seduce the Choir of Contrition, if the angels showed enough leg."

-Catherine Foundling, the Black Queen

Alamans are one of the three ethnicities living in the Principate of Procer. They form the border with the Kingdom of Callow, the Golden Bloom and the Kingdom of the Dead.


Brus: Alamans principality that borders the Lycaonese principalities. Ruled by Prince Amaury Goethal (Before Book 1) and Prince Frederic Goethal, the Kingfisher Prince (Book 1 - present)

Lyonis: Principality on the edge of Lake Pavin. Ruled by Prince Fabian Louvroy (Before Book 1) and Princess Sophie Louvroy (Book 1 - 5)

Cleves: A very fortified principality on the edge of the Tomb. It, Hainaut and Hannoven border the Kingdom of the Dead. Ruled by Prince Gaspard Langevin (Book 1 - present). Currently one of the fronts in the war against the Dead King.

Hainaut: A principality with a long, craggy coast on the edge of the Tomb. Ruled by Princess Julienne Volignac (Book 1 - 5) and Princess Beatrice Volignac (Book 5 - present). Currently one of the fronts in the war against the Dead King.

Brabant: Northern Alamans principality bordering Cleves and Hainaut. Ruled by Prince Etienne (Book 1 - present)

Lange: A principality that borders Salia and is dependent on it for trade. Ruled by Prince Dagobert Griffeu (Before Book 1), Dagobert's nephew (Before Book 5) and Princess Bertille Griffeu (Book 5)

Aisne: A principality south of Brabant and east of Salia. Ruled by Princess Constance (Before Book 1), Princess Clotilde (Book 1 - present)

Arans: One of the three easternmost principalities. First Prince Cordelia Hasenbach ordered the creation of a pass, known as the Stairway, between it and northern Callow in Book Four. Ruled by Prince Ariel (Book 1 - present)

Salia: Capital of the Principate of Procer, seat of the First Prince and location of the Highest Assembly. Ruled by First Prince Cordelia Hasenbach (Book 1 - present)

Bayeux: One of the three easternmost principalities. Connected to Callow by the Red Flower Vales. Ruled by Prince Arsene (Book 1 - present)

Cantal: Southernmost Alamans principality. Known to have close ties with the principality of Iserre. Ruled by Prince Arnaud Brogloise (Book 1 - 5)

History and Culture[]

The ancient Alamans tribes elected their chieftains, whose authority was shared with the tribe's high priest or priestess of the Hallowed.

They speak Chantant.