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Alexis the Ardent is a heroine from Refuge Named the Silver Huntress.


Alexis grew up in Refuge as one of the Ranger's core students. She had a bad rivalry going with Archer, as Hye Su made no secret of favoring her archery-based Named students.

Alexis left Refuge for the Tenth Crusade, and shot General Catastrophe though the wing as part of Hanno's faction of the Crusade.

During the war against Keter, Alexis stands out as a Named that can work with both heroes and villains. As long as the villain isn't Indrani. Cat brings her to Praes together with the other surviving Refuge children, as a story sword against Hye Su.


Cat describes Alexis as the following: The Huntress was rather plain-faced, a tall redhead with blue eyes who kept her hair in a bun and whose nose had visibly been broke several times. She had a startlingly girlish voice, high and sweet.[1]

Alexis has a silver bow and a short silver spear.


Indrani: Alexis has had a very antagonistic rivalry growing up with Indrani, which was not helped by Ranger flat out encouraging this. They're trying to move past this, but Alexis has a hard time letting go of years of bullying by Indrani.