Alkmene is the Hedge Wizard and a companion of Hanno.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Alkmene has a slender build and dark hair. As a result of her Name and the magic that came with it, one of her eyes is blue and the other yellow.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Alkmene is generally more open and outgoing than her sister Irene, the Ashen Priestess, and also seems to be the most easily perturbed member of Hanno's group. However, she is brave in the face of danger and pulls her weight in combat.

She seems to have a habit of talking to herself when scared, which has shown both when she and her allies fought the Tyrant of Helike and when she saw his use of blood sacrifices to levitate siege platforms.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Alkmene's seems to be able to work together with her teammates using her tricks to either transport or help them in any way. She has an especially close relationship with her sister, Irene. she is especially affected by the death of her sister facing the Warlock in a duel in order to avenge her. Despite being in a heroic band with Hanno she has doubts about the White Knight, believing him to be bland.

Powers[edit | edit source]

The Name of Hedge Wizard seems to provide moderate gains in magical power and greater gains in versatility. Alkmene has used a variety of different spells from different schools, including an ability to transform into various birds. However, she can only transform into a single form large enough to carry passengers once per day, and doing so apparently leaves her craving rabbits for a long time after. The weakness of the Hedge Wizard is that a spell can only be used once to get out of a bind therefore she is required to learn different tactics as well as utilize enchanted gear such as her stairs instead of relying on one source of magic. This causes her to be mobile because she cannot rely on healing or defensive magic which would limit her to one tactic and one form of defense. The Warlock even commented how he had underestimated the wizard and he had to face her with his full array of spells. She is seen using an assortment of spells from ancient to Callowan spells even a spells specifically designed for penetrating wards used by the Wizard of West.

Her aspects lend themselves to giving her more unique options rather than augmenting any one tool that she uses. Her three aspects shown thus far are: Learn, Repurpose, and

Learn: Allows to learn the arcana of an opposing mage or other magic. Learn is a unique aspect that can develop more with time unlike the Squire an apprentice who memorization and comprehension are increased outside of combat as well as Ranger who is able to learn during combat, the Hedge Wizard is able to learn and use magic that is used against her in combat.

Repurpose: She is able to siphon magical energy used against her and manipulate its uses to her own purpose whether it be to propel her to a location to avoid damage or to craft a magical arm out of arcana.

Reiterate: This breaks the restrictions placed on her allowing the wizard to reuse a spell that she has already used. This is probably a final trump card since her enemies expect her to only use a trick once therefore they would lower their guard after dismissing a previous ability.

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