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“Before you stands Almorava of Symra, minstrel without peer!”

She punctuated the announcement by sweeping a few strings, the resulting sound eerily similar to a cat getting stepped on. [1]

Almorava of Smyrna is the Wandering Bard and travels with William's band of five.


Unlike the four Callowans in William's band, Almorava is from Ashur. Not much is known about her, besides her showing up to join the band on the first day they gathered, botching her dramatic entrance into a bumbling mess in the process.


Almorava is Ashuran. She has dark olive skin, curly dark hair and a hawk-nose, and William considers her striking more than pretty. She always wear the same outfit of garishly coloured silk and leather. With the silk a little too wide for her, and the sleeves longer than her arms and larger than her wrists. Presumably, the outfit used to have a hat. But she lost it. [2] [3] [4]

She is usually seen with a silvery flask and a shoddy lute.


Almorava's main relationship seems to be with William, which she occasionally will confide a few more things to than she probably should.