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"What he said,” the Gallant Brigand agreed. “Only, you know, less priestly. Fuck you and your offer and your entire evil legions."

Amelia was a hero from Helike who travelled to the Kingdom of Callow alongside two other heroes in a quest to kill Catherine Foundling. They failed in their endeavor and were all killed. [1]



Amelia is described as beautiful, lithe, and graceful, with dark hair typically kept in a ponytail. She has a notched scar on her cheek. She usually wears a highwayman's hat.[2]


Iason: Iason accompanied Amelia on their journey to Callow.

Lergo: Lergho accompanied Amelia on their journey to Callow.


Amelia is adept with a blade, capable of parrying scorpion bolts out of the air.[3]

She is capable of appearing from thin air behind someone.[4]

Amelia has less than three aspects. Only one is known.

Cut: This aspect enhances her use of her sword. With it she cut a glamour of Catherine in half.[4]


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