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"If the Heavens seek to impose their will, they will be made to stand before a tribunal of the People"

Anaxares was a citizen of Bellerophon, "The First and Greatest Of The Free Cities". Since childhood, he had been groomed to have an earnest belief in democracy. As a diplomat, thoughts of obtaining power would result a group of elected officials remotely activating a magical pebble ingested by him, killing him.


He is bald and middle aged. He has grey eyes, thick bushy eyebrows, and a sparse beard. Both the eyebrows and beard are streaked with dark brown and white hair. 


He is devout man who has earnestly worked in his job. His devotion to his people outweighs the peril he puts himself in and he pledges his very breath to uphold the values impressed upon him since childhood. He tries to be professional about his job as his life depends on it but he dislikes when others do not take pride in their work. Although he finds the Tyrant insufferable, he finds greater disappointment in his own city when they fell he was dismayed that they did not sacrifice their lives for the democratic ideals that they stood for.

In truth, Anaxares is a fanatically loyal member of Bellerophon.

Name History[]

He received the name after he was appointed it by the Tyrant of Helike. Although he adamantly refused to take joy or any part of the Tyrant's decisions, it was his adamant refusal that gave him more weight in Creation; he was seen as the one force that was not intimidated by the tyrant or viewed him as a threat. He was more afraid of the imbalance of power, and thus his diplomatic desire caused him to develop a name to fix what the Tyrant imbalanced.


The Hierarch's Name seems to lean more to manipulating others; his power allow him to sway others to one position or another no matter their differences. This creates a united front, which is useful for the League, as they are composed of many different cities which each serve their own purpose as well as celebrate their own god. The Hierarch's Aspects are:

Mend: This Aspect allows him to heal and repair any damage done to himself or his immediate surroundings, such as when he repeatedly mended his grave injuries and the damage done to the courtroom when the Choir of Judgment smote him.

Receive: This Aspect allows him to remotely view others, as well as receive messages from them. The ability also allows him to have slightly precognitive abilities, as well as understand what people thoughts really are. This ability can help him to better understand the parties that he is making diplomacy with. He was also able to use this Aspect to summon the Choir of Judgement into Creation.

Indict: The Hierarch's third Aspect is hard to describe. It has been observed driving the people of Rochelant mad, causing them to riot and put every figure of authority on trial before listing out their crimes and summarily executing them. Anaxeras says that it was 'a blank slate on which all could write their accusations and have them known by all'. Kairos notes that it is fuelled by Bellerophon's fury and madness, which allowed the Hierarch to match the Choir of Judgement's verdicts in strength. Kairos also believed that this Aspect would allow the Hierarch to slay the Choir of Judgement.