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"As it turned out, Angelique was very good at murder."
―Five Stories[1]

Angelique is a Proceran Named. She is first introduced as the Poisoner in Book 6.[2]



Angelique is a Proceran. and a baker. Her family has been bakers for as long as the family tree went back In the early books.

Angelique begins her road to being the Poisoner after paying for her brother-in-law, Henri, to be poisoned with arsenic in his ale. Henri's death turns out to benefit many people, including Jacques, who inherited Henri's wealth. Henri's poisoner attempts to blackmail Angelique to get at Jacques’ newfound wealth. In retaliation, Angelique poisons him with two pastries full of nightshade, leaving Angelique with no loose ends save a fresh body to get rid of. At this moment, it occurrs to Angelique that there might just be a great deal of coin to be had in being a poisoner.

Securing a wagon, Angelique begins travelling under the guise of a baker, although secretly she works as a poisoner. She finds great success, growing wealthy and finding many patrons, outright buying shops in certain cities as the means of her patrons grew along the reputation. Her reputation grows to a point where Angelique is approached by several people over the life of the First Prince.

However, one evening, Tariq Isbili, the Grey Pilgrim, visits Angelique in her shop, telling her to retire before Angelique comes into her Name and she is killed. Despite the warning, Angelique pursues being a poisoner, even while deathly afraid of Tariq. She realizes that the reason why she pursues being a poisoner is not for profit. Neither is it of a taste for killing. She pursues being a poisoner because she was good at it. Eventually, Laurence De Montfrod, the Saint of Swords, arrives to hunt down Angelique. Hearing the news, Angelique decides to leave town.

Even as Angelique flees, she realizes that she felt excited and alive, even despite that the authorities would hunt her and the Chosen with them. Despite the fear, it also pleases her.

For Angelique, It was like discarding a mask and finally revealing her face to the world.

As Angelique admits to herself that she was a Poisoner, the world shivers to the sound of her damnation, and she feels relief to look at the truth of what she is.[1]

Book 6[]

Angelique is a member of the Painted Knife’s band. One of the first assembled, back in the first days under the Truce and Terms.[2] Together with the Band, Angelique is sent by the White Knight, Hanno of Arwad, and the Black Queen, Catherine Foundling, to find the truth of what took place long ago in the place known as the Verdant Hollow.

First trying the Verdant Hollow, the Band sailed across the Pond, making shore south of the Brocelian. There, the Band were ambushed by undead. Defeating the ambushers, one of the ambushers, a living man, agreed to serve as the Band's guide after Angelique poisoned him, blackmailing him by having the only antidote.

Led by their guide, the Band found an army of the dead being gathered in the depths of the Brocelian by the Barrow Lord, an undead Named. Eventually defeating the Barrow Lord, Angelique was able to fully destroy the undead's body by turning manticore venom into a powerful acid. Among the corpses, the Band was able to discern how the Wandering Bard interfered with a White Knight's attempt at killing a Grey Pilgrim.[2]

Resting after their mission, Angelique together with her Band are sent to Mercantis.

Together, the Band uncovered Alaya, Dread Empress Malicia the First's plot. Using holy water, the devil impersonating the Merchant Prince is revealed before the Forty-Stole Court.[3]

Book 7[]

The Poisoner was sent into the third assault into Keter as part of a band including Arthur Foundling, Painted Knife, Harrowed Witch, and Myrmidon. The Poisoner was killed by the Hawk while the band was distracted by the Prince of Bones.[4]


Angelique is a plump and smiling middle-aged woman. She describes her own face as having red and plump cheeks with watery eyes.

Years after first coming into her Name, Angelique continues to give off an impression of being a village baker.[2]

She also finds that titters comes easy to her. Catherine Foundling describes Angelique's titters as "impressively creepy".[2]


Relentless Magistrate: The Relentless Magistrate was added to the Painted Knife's Band to keep an eye on Angelique. Described as deeply unpleasant to anyone he consideres a criminal and obsessed with respecting the letter of the law, Angelique nonetheless enjoys disturbing Alain, showing open delight while suggesting unlawful ways of obatining evidence, hoping for an explosive response from the Relentless Magistrate. [3]


Angelique is described as a decent alchemist. [2]

Even before coming into her Name, Angelique found a knack for creating poisons, even ones those not written on pages.

To Angelique, the feeling is described "as if there was something guiding her hand, and it was the same when she was attempting to find servants and kinsmen who would turn on a target." [1]

She has shown to be capable of mixing blood, rhododendro and manticore venom to make an acid potent enough to destroy an undead's body. [2]