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Anne Kendall is a Callowan noble that still holds her title as Baroness of Dormer, as she already was a baroness before the Conquest.


Anne Kendall was the baroness of Dormer until she joined the rebellion in southern Callow and lost her lands when the rebellion was crushed.

She surrendered the armies of the rebellion in Liesse during First Liesse, letting herself be imprisoned to stand trial, in order to buy a pardon for the rebels. Catherine rigged the trial to release her and brought her into the Ruling Council she was forming to rule Callow.

During Catherine's disappearance into Skade, the praesi highborn on the Ruling Council organized a coup, and Anna Kendal was wounded, hiding with the House of Light in Laure.

When Catherine returns to Laure, she seeks out Anne Kendall in hiding and names her Governess-General of Callow. As Catherine goes off to deal with Summer and Diabolist, Anne pulls together a bureaucracy for the resurgent vasal-kingdom.

Anne was assassinated on orders of Dread Empress Malicia during the Night of Knives, to destabilize Callow.


Anne is famous for her beauty within Callow. She's in her late thirties and considered stunningly beautiful by both William and Catherine. She's pale with hair that looks as if it's spun by silver.[1] [2] [3]


Anne forms a solid working relationship with Catherine Foundling, who likes her for deeply caring about Callow's people over personal ambitions.