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The dark-haired woman squinted at him, slurping her cup loudly. For a moment Anaxares could have sworn she was entirely sober and studying him with a piercing gaze, but then she choked on the liquor and the moment was gone. She thumped her own chest until she stopped coughing, spilling biscuit crumbs everywhere. [1]

Aoede of Nicae is the Wandering Bard. She travels with Hanno's Band of Five.


Nothing is known of Aeode besides her name, looks and city of origin. Bard woke up with this body in a crowded tavern room, sitting alone at a table in the back. [2]


Aoede has the free cities look, with tanned skim and long black curls going down her back. She has a full figure and wears stained leathers with her lute swung over her back. [3] [4] [5]


Aoede travels with Hanno's band of five, but doesn't seem particularly close to any of them.