Apprentice is a Transitional Name that amplifies a mage's ability to learn and cast magic .

Role[edit | edit source]

The Apprentice is a Name that studies the mysteries of magic. The name is often seen in Praes, as a student of the Warlock. Both known Praesi holders of the Name have shown an extreme disinterest in matters unrelated to magic. It does not appear to imply a magical specialty, such as the Conjurer, only that the holder is a mage of uncommon power.

In Book 6, a new heroic Apprentice from Ashur appears, proving the Name isn't tied only to Praes, nor by default belonging to Villains.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The holder has increased magical capacity allowing them to perform spells with greater power, as well as weave spells with greater accuracy. Notable accomplishments of previous holders are: have performed magical soul surgery, restrained Fae royalty and demons, and created pocket dimensions.

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