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The Court of Arcadia Resplendent is an organization of Fae that live in Arcadia. Arcadia Resplendent is one of many similar versions of Arcadia that occur on different continents. This is due to the fact that Arcadia is a symbolic "reflection" of the physical world, and so reflects different aspects in different places.


Notable Persons[]

The former King of Winter

The former Queen of Summer, Ista

Events in Story[]

Arcadia Resplendent is the full name of Arcadia even prior to the events that formed the court of the same name.[1][2]


At the end of the war between the Winter and Summer Courts the two monarchs wed[3], creating a new unified court from the survivors, with two crowns and pools of power.[4] Arcadia Resplendent is an entirely new entity, not flowing directly from Summer or Winter.[5] Fae killed during the war were left to seek other purposes, such as the Duke of Green Orchards of Summer becoming the Count of Green Apples of Autumn.[4]


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