Power Level[edit | edit source]

A martial name that while suited for long rage combat is still formidable when employed in close range. Archer was able to combat two named (Squire and Adjutant) with little effort and without the use of bow and arrow. Despite these benefits archer is a name more suitable for scouting rather than field combat.

Role[edit | edit source]

While the role of archer does not lean to either good or evil the Named is not shackled by the same constraints such as backlash for not adhering to roles. This allows the archer to commit evil acts if done in roundabout manners.

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

The name offers increased strength as well as durability, but the primary physical benefits of this name are in flexibility as well as speed. By focusing on speed the named is able to employ the use of short swords for combat using quick strikes to overwhelm enemies. The Name also decreases noise made by the user similar to Hunter. Finally the user has increased observation skills and can locate enemies before the user is located.

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