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"Arlesites are passionate and romantic people, fond of poetry and duels."
―‘Peoples of East and West’, Douglas Robinson[1]

Arlesites are one of the three ethincities of the Principate of Procer, located in southern Procer. There are nine Arlesite principalities. They border the Dominion of Levant, the Titanomachy, the Kingdom of Callow and the League of Free Cities. They also border the Waning Woods and the Brocelian.


The Arlesite principalities are:

Segovia: Northernmost Arlesite principality on Calernia's west coast. One of Procer's largest seaports. Ruled by Princess Luisa (Before Book 1) and Prince Alejandro (Book 4 - present)

Creusens: One of the Northern Arlesite principalities. It, Segovia and Iserre are known to have close ties with the Alamans principalities, such that their rulers were mentioned to have been 'raised Alamans'. Ruled by Prince Louis Rohanon (Book 1 - 5)

Orne: One of the three easternmost principalities. Connected to Callow by the Red Flower Vales. Ruled by Unnamed Princess (Before Book 1), Princess Adeline's brother (Book 1 - 3) and Princess Adeline (Book 4 - present)

Iserre: One of the wealthiest and most populated Arlesite principalities. It, Orne, Salamans and Tenerife border the Waning Woods. Ruled by Prince Amadis Milenan (Book 1 - 5)

Orense: Principality that borders the Dominion of Levant. Ruled by Prince Rodrigo Trastanes (Book 1 - 5)

Aequitan: One of the principalities, alongside Salamans, Iserre, Cantal, Salia, Lange and Creusens on the shore of Lake Artoise. Ruled by Princess Aenor Malanza (Before Book 1) and Princess Rozala Malanza (Book 1 - present)

Valencis: Second southernmost principality. Borders the Titanmachy. Ruled by Princess Leonor (Book 1 - 5)

Salamans: One of the southernmost principalities. Has close ties with the principality of Tenerife. Ruled by Prince Alvaro (Book 1 - 5) and Prince Renato (Book 5 - present)

Tenerife: Southernmost principality of Procer. Borders Helike and the Samite Gulf. Ruled by Princess Francesca (Book 1 - present)

History and Culture[]

They used to be slaves to the Gigantes, until they formed the Arlesen Confederacy, which rebelled against Gigantes slavers.

They primarily speak Tolesian.

Even before the founding of the Principate, the greatest of the fortress holding reales had extracted oaths of fealty from the lesser reales. This brought princely rule into Procer when it was formed.

An old Arlesite punishment from the time of the reales was the liar's leash, for those who speak calumny of a real. A hook tied to a long line of twine is put through the tongue of the liar and tied to the tail of a horse, which the real then rides for a mile. If the liar survives the mile without the hook ripping through their tongue, the Gods Above have judged their lie to have been accidental. Otherwise, what is left of their tongue is to be carved out and buried beneath the gate of the real’s fortress.