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The Army of Callow is the standing army of the Kingdom of Callow, under the command of Catherine Foundling and marshal Juniper of the Red Shields. The Army of Callow is split into Five Armies, each under the command of a general. Its structure is based on the Legions of Terror.


The Army of Callow serves as the defensive and offensive military force for the kingdom.


The Army of Callow is split into five armies.

Armies are split into companies

Lines of twenty legionaries are split into two tenths.

Tenths are groups of ten Legionaries.


The ranks in the Army of Callow are as follows:


The Marshal of the Army carries the authority to command all the armies.


Generals command an army.

Sapper-General []

General in command of the sappers. Pickler is the only known Sapper-General.[1]


Lieutenants each command a line of twenty legionaries, which can be divided in to two tenths.


Sergeants are part of a line, typically with two per line.


The Army of Callow was formed from the Fifteenth Legion, as well as two others following Second Liesse.[2]


Army Cognomen Current Commander Notable Features
First Juniper of the Red Shields(Orc, Female)[3]Aisha Bishara(Human, Female)
Second Zola Osei (Human, Female)[4]
Third Dauntless[5] Abigail of Summerholm(Human, Female)[6]
Fourth Bagram (Human, Male)[7]
Fifth Jeremiah Holt (Human, Male)[8]


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