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"Over the month I spent in Atalante I witnessed no fewer than two hundred debates take place under the gaze of the pale statues of the Temple of Manifold Truths, for the people of the city delight in such exercises of rhetoric as those of Stygia delight in bloodsport. The subjects varied from the purpose of mankind to the proper shape of apples, though the true wonder of the place was that I do not believe a single speaker left the Temple believing they had been wrong."
―Extract from ‘Horrors and Wonders’, famed travelogue of Anabas the Ashuran[1]

Atalante is a Good member of the League of Free Cities. They are known for their religious fervor, heavy commitment to Good and being overly emotional.[2][3]

General Information[]

The city of Atalante is said to have been founded by a famous warrior of the same name, who wept at the sight of the rising walls. According to Anaxares, Atalantians tend to get on everyone's nerves seeing as it's very easy to move them to emotion.[4]

It claims seven Heavenly Choirs as its patrons and is represented in the Conclave to elect the Hierarch of Free Cities by "a pair of grim-faced preachers". It's likely the city's government is based on its priesthood. [3] The lands between Helike and Atalante are known for the occasional bouts of week-long rain and storms, blown south from the Waning Woods due to fae influence.[5]


Not much is known about the city's history. It has engaged in skirmishes with Helike during the reign of Kairos’ uncle - Agrius Theodosian.[6] They've also fought against Delos for control of the trade routes to Mercantis.[4]

Recent History[]

As a member of the Good League, Atalante voted in favour of establishing a ten year truce with the Principate of Procer, along with Delos, Penthes and Nicae. This lead to war against Kairos Theodosian, the Tyrant of Helike.[4] As their neighbors, Atalante was the first city attacked. They gathered their forces consisting of mercenaries from Mercantis and farmer levies until they had two to one numbers advantage, however they were defeated when Tyrant used his Aspect.[5]

Afterwards, the city capitulated and its citizens, along with the rest of the army, were enslaved and used as expendable troops. They were used in the assault of Delos as well as Nicae.[7] The city's occupation was lifted in exchange for their vote to elect Anaxares as Hierarch. [3]

Atalante was not included in the decision to declare Catherine Foundling the Arch-Heretic of the East. Instead, the Proceran House of Light held a secret ballot in which they declared the priesthood of Atalante to be lapsing in faith, as they’re following Hierarch who’s from a City well known for its association with below.[2]


  • They produce a very strong drink known as Atalantian Baptismal.[8]
  • Stalwart Paladin's father - Idrim - was born in Atalante.[9]