Ater is the capital of the Dread Empire of Praes. It is a great city with at least 500,000 inhabitants. The city lies to the centre of the Wasteland, between Aksum, Nok and Okoro.

It is the political centre of Praes and the Tower is located within the city. It is a walled city and its gates are guarded by Sentinels. The city guard is known to have connections to the nobility of the Wastelands and may be bribed at times.

The underground sewer system of the city is inhabited by giant spiders. There are rumours that the spiders are progeny of Dread Emperor Tenebrous, who is said to have transformed into a giant spider. For that reason the sewer openings are reguarly sealed with wards. Sometimes people living near sewer openings still get eaten. The tunnels are also used by smugglers to transport prohibited wares and weapons into the city.

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