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"Planning too deep will be seen through by the Augur."

The Augur name is a Name allowing the user to see into the future.

Role []

The role of the Augur is to foretell the future. Agnes once she took on the name became disconnected from individuals speaking in riddles. The Named is not beholden to continually telling futures as Agnes Hasenbach had refused to speak to a great majority of people who'd come to her asking questions their futures.


With this Name, the user is able to foretell the outcome of conflicts, possible threats and fates through divining portents. For example, Anges read a flock of turtledoves flying east, as the bells rung, as an indication that one of Cordelia Hasenbach's diplomatic couriers had been intercepted. A side effect of the Name is that the amount of portents received is so multitudinous, the user loses track of one's identity. [1]

The user can also determine the the location of individuals.

While the Augur is able to see most beings, there are exceptions such as angels (unless they wish to be seen), the Dead King, the Intercessor, and Catherine Foundling. [2]

Known Holders[]

Agnes Hasenbach: The distant cousin of Cordelia, Agnes developed prophetic powers as the Augur. These abilities were essential in helping Cordelia discover that Malicia was the reason the Proceran Civil War had extended for decades and she was also instrumental in helping Cordelia win the Civil War and become the first Lycaonese First Prince of Procer.

Kaspar Reitzenberg: The author of the prophetic 'Book of Manifold Dooms'. However, the book is widely considered useless, as it foretells events both past and future without drawing distinction.

One of its prophecies is: “As the long summer dies the wolves will dance with the sons of the king, and though cities will fall in the end the only victor will be death.” A foretelling of the Dead King's rise to his Name. [3]