The Augur name is primarily a support name allowing the user to see into the future.

Power Level [edit | edit source]

Its is difficult to gauge how powerful the name is because its abilities seemed more supportive in nature. The Princess of Procer was able to coordinate military strikes and unite all of Procer under one banner. The name was prevented from charting the actions of the Hierarch because the people he serves decreed omens to be superstition, thus he exist outside of the boundaries of the Augur's predictions.

Role [edit | edit source]

The role of the Augur is to foretell the future. Agnes once she took on the name became disconnected from individuals speaking in riddles. The Named is not beholden to continually telling futures as Agnes refuses to tell the great majority of people who come to her asking questions their futures.

Special Powers [edit | edit source]

With this Name the user is able to foretell the outcome of any conflict or possible threats. The user can also determine the the location of individuals.

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