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"Above would always win so long as Below wasn’t willing to spring for some proper Names. Barrow Lord, I scathingly thought. They might as well have just named the poor bastard ‘Grave Noble’, it was about as clever in the greater scheme of things."
Catherine Foundling[1]

A Name held by undead.


The Barrow Lord is capable of raising armies of the dead.[2]

Known Holders[]

Unnamed A Barrow Lord threatened to take the northern half of Levant for the better part of a summer some time during the more than forty years the Grey Pilgrim was active.[3] The War fought against them was called the Sepulcher War and the Barrow Lord was slain by the Grey Pilgrim.[4]

Unnamed A Barrow Lord, once of the Tanja bloodline, declared themselves the lord of the dead, raised an army of the dead, and planned on claim rule of Malaga. It was killed by a band sent by the Grand Alliance.[2]