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"Gods but I hate dying"
―the Barrow Sword[1]

The Barrow Sword is an Evil Name. The Name is tied to an old bronze sword and bronze scale suit. [2]

The bronze sword's name is called Pinon. It is noted to not be of Dominion work despite being found in Levant by Ishaq Deathless. [1] According to Hanno, Pinon felt "Ligurian to his senses, but deeper somehow". [3]

The sword has an eagerness to feed on souls. [1] It also has a preference for souls already claimed. [1]

Once wielded, the owner of Pinon is unable to be free of the sword, even if the owner wishes to. [1]


After inflicting an injury, Pinon is able to consume bits of its victim's soul. [1]

The Barrow Sword is capable of ressurection, using an amount of souls consumed by Pinon to return. [1]

The bronze scale suit is strong enough to withstand a blow from the Drake, one of the Scourges of the Dead King.

Known Holders[]

Ishaq Deathless: Standing not much taller than Catherine Foundling but much broader, Ishaq sports a dark and well-groomed beard, alongside two streaks of ash-grey beneath the eyes that are his face paint. [4]

He comes into his Name after raiding a barrow and picking up Pinon. [1] Using Drink, the Aspect allows Ishaq to consume a soul through wielding Pinon.

During the Battle of the Ruins, Ishaq accepts an offer from Sve Noc, becoming one of the apostles of the Night, wielding it to defeat the Wolfhound. [5]