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Abridged Guide to Evil Wikia

"“Gods but I hate dying,” the Barrow Sword hissed."
―Interlude: Blood

The Barrow Sword is an Evil Name. The Name is tied to an old bronze sword and bronze scale suit. [1]

The bronze sword's name is called Pinon. It is noted to not be of Dominion work despite being found in Levant by Ishaq Deathless. [2] According to Hanno, Pinon felt "Ligurian to his senses, but deeper somehow". [3]

The sword has an eagerness to feed on souls. [4] It also has a preference for souls already claimed. [5]

Once wielded, the owner of Pinon is unable to be free of the sword, even if the owner wishes to. [6]


After inflicting an injury, Pinon is able to consume bits of its victim's soul. [7]

The Barrow Sword is capable of ressurection, using an amount of souls consumed by Pinon to return. [8]

The bronze scale suit is strong enough to withstand a blow from the Drake, one of the Scourges of the Dead King.

Known Holders[]

Ishaq Deathless: Standing not much taller than Catherine Foundling but much broader, Ishaq sports a dark and well-groomed beard, alongside two streaks of ash-grey beneath the eyes that are his face paint. [9]

He comes into his Name after raiding a barrow and picking up Pinon. [10]