Power Level[edit | edit source]

The Beastmaster is not a combat suited name despite being trained by Ranger herself. His power leans more to scouting, travel, as well as survival. While not particularly combat focused his stable of animals/mounts. Allow him a great deal of versatility in the field.


The Beastmaster's role is to care for animals. While he may seem like he is withdrawn to humans he has a deep connection to the wild. He is unkept and stoic reacting on instinct rather than emotion to deal with problems. He has joined the crusade not to protect humans but the lands themselves from the undead scourge.

Special abilities

His special abilities allow him to see through the eyes of animals as well as an unnatural control over living beast as well as animalistic aura that can even be felt by the undead unicorn Zombie. It is unknown if this connection means he experiences the same pain as his beast or the exact amount of control he would have over intelligent creatures such as magical creatures Zombie III or cursed creatures, Sabah.

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