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Abridged Guide to Evil Wikia
""All are free, or none. Ye of this land, suffer no compromise in this.""
―Carved into a stele of stone by the Sword of the Free

The Glorious Republic of Bellerophon is an Evil-aligned member of the League of Free Cities.

International Policy and Relations[]

Bellerophon is officially aligned with Evil, though the Tyrant of Helike accused them of treating it as a hobby without acting the part. According to Anaxares, Good and Evil in the Free Cities are more like rooting for a chariot team than actual factions.

In more practical terms, they are somewhat isolationist and have a strong superiority complex. It is strongly implied that the kanenas have killed people for the crime of not thinking patriotic thoughts.

Internal Policy[]

The governmental structure of Bellerophon is a peculiar one. All government officials are chosen by random lot-drawing every three years, meaning that the competence of the administration can vary wildly. The only exceptions are members of the diplomatic service, who are still chosen without having a say in the matter.

Diplomats and their loved ones are implanted with magically shrunken boulders by the kanenas, and at the slightest hint of treachery the spell can be released, leading to a very quick yet gruesome death. Diplomats of Penthes made something of a game out of trying to prompt sufficiently unpatriotic thoughts to get Bellerophan diplomats executed in as few words as possible.

Bellerophon does everything supposedly in the name of the Will Of The People, and as a result their laws harshly punish anything even slightly offensive, such as public weeping. Their elected officials are expected to do everything they do as the public desires it and never seek to improve their own station or act on their own initiative.

The Gods Below have one vote in Bellerophon's councils.

All of this is overseen and enforced by the kanenas, who monitor not only the actions but also the thoughts of the citizens to ensure that they are sufficiently loyal and dedicated to the ideals of Bellerophon.


Little is known about the culture of Bellerophon, aside from the fact that they take great pride in considering themselves the only true democracy on Calernia. Whether this is actually true is ambiguous.

It is also likely that their culture is extremely mild and bland in flavor, as anything that might offend anyone's sensibilities might be declared Against The Will Of The People.