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"Her chords were all intertwined with her brother’s, dozens of knots ahead where they’d end up killing each other but a short length away"
―Catherine Foundling

A craftsman themed Named. Currently held by two Lycaonese twins. One is a heroine, and the other, her villain brother. [1]


The Name is somewhat unique as it is held by two individuals at once.

Both siblings hold deep enmity towards each other, [2] the feeling stemming from the death of a teacher, or possible a parent, with each sibling blaming the other for the death. [3]

They both also developed different understandings from the lesson that had marked them. The lesson followed something along the lines of ‘the smith makes the blade’. [4]

Many of the siblings' stories end with one killing the other. [5]


The Bitter Blacksmith is a master at crafting weapons. Each Bitter Blacksmith has unique takes on how blades should be made. As such, their abilities when it comes to forging weapons differs. While one Blacksmith works with magic, the other relies on pure mundane skill.

Known Holders[]

Helmgard Bauerlein: The heroic Bitter Blacksmith's crafting is described as "swift, impersonal precision while avoiding flourishes". She has little taste for carving enchanments and seeks to complete the job as quickly as possible without compromising quality. [6]

Helmgard has learned that a smith could ‘make a blade out of anything’. Her path is one of pure mundane skill, her Name simply allowing her to make blades out of anything in Creation. She does not work enchantments or Light into steel. [7]

She is also capable of unlocking an ancient Dwarven gate's lock. [8]

It is noted that Helmgard is better at handling exotic materials than her brother, [9] and in fact has a supernatural knack for handling exotic materials. [10]

One of the notable swords that Helmgard has helped forged is the Peregrine. Forged before the seige of Keter with the help of the Blessed Artificer, the sword was presented to Arthur Foundling, though he allowed Catherine Foundling the chance to name the blade.

Forged out of a piece of the star the Grey Pilgrim had called down in Hainut, the Peregrine seems as if it’s made of pale smoke, the turns of it fuming down the edge. When looked from the corner of an eye, it gives the illusion that the smoke is still billowing. [11]

Helmgard has also forged a sheath for the Severance, although it has not been able to fully contain it. It has been described as 'an ornate affair of enameled steel'. [12]

Helmgard has been described to be often-taciturn by Hanno. [13]

Helmut Bauerlein: In contrast, the villanous Bitter Blacksmith is a mage and works magic into blades. [14]

Helmut posseses a comprehensive level of skill with the Gift. His skills as a mage are on a level that Masego recognises. [15] His Name also allows him to craft superbly nuanced enchantments, sorcery-wrought steel like the Lycaonese had not seen in generations. [16]

He crafted the Kingfisher Prince's sword, which had sorcery laid into the steel that made it reluctant – if not incapable – to kill its own wielder. [17] His swords are high in demand and feared by Revenants. [18]

While Helmgard is willing to offer her time and skill for a hero, Helmut is less likely to do so for his fellow villains. He would prefer to spend the rest of his life making legacy swords for wealthy nobles and charging them through the nose for it. [19]