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The Blade of Mercy is a heroic martial Name. The current holder has served in the Tenth Crusade and the War on Keter.


The current holder fights using a great sword and Light. Despite the name, the current holder has no connection to the Choir of Mercy.

Known Holders[]

Current Holder - Antoine of Lange[]


  • Resist - Light based Aspect used at Battle of Camps to block a fellow hero's blow from harming him[1]
  • Flicker - A Light based full body simulacrum of Antoine (including his sword) that can be used offensively to strike from a distance[2] or defensively to ward off a single blow[3]
  • Kindle - While the details are as of yet unknown, this Aspect appears to grant Antoine a limited quantity of LIght he can use to empower himself in a fight without the exhaustion of "true Light"[4]


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  2. “Flicker,” the Blade of Mercy yelled. In the heartbeat that followed he smashed into the pale fae’s side, made entirely out of Light – it was a simulacrum, Hakram understood only when after cutting through the spear and tackling the glowing Blade winked out. https://practicalguidetoevil.wordpress.com/2020/04/15/interlude-concert/
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