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"Flee from the Light"
―Adanna of Smyrna

The Blessed Artificer is a Good Name.



The Blessed Artificer field of expertise lies with Light and miracles. The Name is capable of creating artifacts that use Light. However, one of the weaknesses to the blessings of priests – and Chosen – is that they lacked staying power. An object could be made to lastingly have the properties of Light, but Light can not be used the way sorcery can be through wards and enchantments. For the Blessed Artificer, who relies heavily on artefacts, the abilities of those artefacts were nearly always temporary in nature. When the Light ran out, so would they.

As the Blessed Artificer, Adanna created multiple items:

  • A dull sword of iron, roiling with Light. Upon activation, the Light forms a great construct of around the iron sword, shaped like a massive sword
  • A phial of coloured glass glowing like a torch. Upon breaking the phial, a blooming sun of many colours is revealed that sears nearby enemies
  • A disk of clay covered in High Tyrian writing. Upon activation, spins and shoots out a long blade of Light.
  • Twigs. When crushed, unleashes bolts of Light according to the number of twigs crushed.

Known Holders[]

Adanna of Smyrna: Adanna is born and raised in Smyrna in the upper tiers. She's a descendant of Praesi highborns, and has the dark skin and golden eyes to visibly make this clear for everyone.

A member of the Grand Alliance and signatory of the Truce and Terms, Adanna is an expert on Light, capable of crafting offensive and defensive artefacts that utilize Light. She is noted by Roland to be ridiculously brilliant. [1]

Seems physically unable to stop herself from picking a fight with Masego, the Hierophant.