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"It was a ruin now, the very stone blackened and burned by the largest deployment of goblinfire in Praesi history."
―Catherine Foundling

the Blessed Isle is an island contained within the Wasaliti, and stands as a connection between the Dread Empire of Praes and Kingdom of Callow, sharing bridges with both sides of the river.

the Blessed Isle has a long history of being a focal point between praes and callow, being a staging grounds into both sides of the river and a favored target whenever the two nations clash, before the Conquest the isle was under the stewardship of the Order of the White Hand, an order of paladins who guarded the border against praes and used it as a fortress-temple.

during the opening stages of the conquest, the Isle was besieged and the fortress monastery was destroyed in a night raid with what had been the largest deployment of goblinfire in praesi history, this event, called the Fall of the Blessed Isle, wiped out the order of the white hand, including a Named Paladin[1], and served as the opening move of the war.

since the fall of the isle, the fortress was left as a blackened and burned ruin, and was left alone without rebuilding by the Dread Empire.

a notable feature of the Isle was it's heritage from the Miezan days, two massive stone bridges[2] connect the Isle to both sides of the Wasaliti river, still standing from the days of the Miezan empire as a testament for their craftsmanship and engineering.

in the Miezan time, the isle served as the furthest inland stronghold of the Miezan empire, meant to bring a furter invasion into the land now held by callow, before the Licerian Wars between mieza and Baalite Hegemony caused an end to any further westward expansion in Calernia.