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"“She lied to us,” Christophe said. “Do you not see?” The Blind Maker cleared his throat."
―Interlude: Paragons

The Blind Maker is a Good Name.



Capable of repairing a broken casting rod. [1]

Provided the breakthrough in the creation of the Unravellers. Figured out that wood soaked in Arcadian water works just as well as the wood brought in from the Waning Woods. [2]

A part of the research team with the Repentant Magister to make an artefact that prevents the Dead King from actively possessing undead within a certain range. Although the project showed promising results, it was also the one whose success would be hardest to prove as Neshamah was clever to fake the project's success. [3]

Known Holders[]

Tomas: An old man who was a member of the Grand Alliance, signatory of the Truce and Terms, and one of five Arsenal 'regulars'. Has a workshop within the Arsenal. [4]

Tomas speaks with a thick Arlesite accent and not beyond poking fun at his blindess. [5]