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The Brocelian Forest is a forest in the Dominion of Levant. It borders Procer to the north and east, and the Titan's Pond to the south. It is one of the end points for the Red Snake Wall.

Due to the many dangers, the forest is largely unexplored.[1]

The Blood journey into the brocelian to hunt in search of honorouble deeds.[2][3]

Trade of goods from the forest is the source of Tartessos's prosperity.[4]

The Barrow Lord led an army from the Brocelian.[5]

There is allegedly a place of alignment with Arcadia deep within the forest.[6]


The Titan Kreios and Antigone both live in the Brocelian.[7]

The Brocelian is inhabited by a number of monsters. Among them are:

  • Culebrons: Serpents with tails stronger than a hammer blow, capable of crushing skulls and splintering shields[2]
  • Chimeras[8]
  • Manticores: Can reach the size of mansions.[8] Their venom can be used to make a powerful acid. [4]
  • Wyverns: Winged lizards with stinger tipped tails. Their eggs are worth a fortune. They tend to take sick in other lands.[3]
  • Griffins[9]


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