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Calernia is a continent in Creation, and the setting of all of the story so far in A Practical Guide to Evil.

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Calernia has technology generally equivalent to real-world medieval technology. They have the ability to forge metals, work stone, and construct mechanical siege equipment. This is largely due to the influence of the gnomes, who heavily restrict the development of new technology through the use of Red Letters. No power in Calernia is able to stand against the gnomes, so they are allowed to restrict the technology used by everyone in Calernia.


Calernia has a population that includes humans, elves, dwarves, drow, goblins, orcs, gigantes, ratlings, and ogres, though ogres and elves are not native to the continent. The exact history of elves on Calernia has not been revealed, but ogres were first brought in as Miezan slaves.

There is also at least one dragon, General Nekheb of the Tenth Legion of Terror, also known as General Catastrophe. Whether more dragons live in Calernia is currently unknown.[1]


There are several major nations and sovereign states in Calernia. These include


Little has been revealed about the grand history of Calernia in general. It is known to have been nearly conquered by Dread Empress Triumphant, though her rule ended shortly after her conquest did.