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The Captain is a Name that works in response to the name of the Black Knight. The only known holder is Sabah, formerly known as The Cursed.

Power Level[]

High. Capable of destroying whole armies with brute strength and speed. The Captain is a powerful name, but it works best when utilized together with other names. It is reliant on the commands of the Black Knight in order to further empower the Named; this reliance mean that without commands the named is handicapped.

Special Abilities[]

It is inherent for this name to subordinate itself to the Black Knight. Thus aspects that involve serving or obeying the Black Knight are a given. The Captain, while being a support name, is combat-focused, allowing the user super strength and super speed while also allowing the mastering of weapons.


The Captain's role is to serve their commander, the Black Knight. They follow each command given and attack any enemy that confront their master.