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Cardinal was founded following the War on Keter as an independent city state. The City is located in the Red Flower Vales, and contains land on either side of the Whitecaps, including land once held by the principality of Orne. Construction began 1 year after the fall of Keter, and took 4 years until the College first opened. Even then, the city was still only half built. Thirty years after the the fall of Keter the city was no longer half built, and had a population of 20,000.[1]


The City stands at a pass between The Kingdom of Callow and The Principate of Procer. The foundations of the city start at the former location of the Bloody Twins, two fortresses that were destroyed during the Tenth Crusade. The fallen stone from the battle was used to construct the city.[1][2]

The College[]

The College consists of two square towers of grey stone eating into a mountain, and between them is a plaza. A bridge known as the Concord bridge is built between the two half a league above the ground, making the college appear as a gargantuan arch.[1]

The College has lecture halls that can fit up to a hundred students, and students attend for at least five years.[1]

Classes taught at Cardinal[1]

  • General Theory of Magic
  • Nature of Divinity and Practical Applications (also known as Deicide and Applied Blasphemy)
Position Incumbent
Senior Lecturer Masego
Head Archivist Nestor Ikaroi
Senior Lecturer Beaumont
Lecturer Hiram
Unknown Concocter[3]
Unknown Hanno of Arwad[3]

The City[]

The city radiates outward from the college with avenues like the lines on a sundial. Districts of the city cover both the southern and northern valleys. Tunnels were carved to connect the two valleys.[1]

The seat of the city's government is in the northern tower, which is known as the Warden's Tower[1]

The Military force of Cardinal is the Black Legion. It defends the territory of Cardinal and fights against named running wild and other threats to the Accords.[1]

Cardinal is home to the Guild and the Society, both organizations that broker deals between named in exchange for adherance to simple rules of conduct[1]

Position Incumbent as of founding Later Incumbents
Head of Ruling Council Catherine Foundling Sapan[4]
Seneschal Cordelia Hasenbach
Intendant of Works Pickler
General Grem One-Eye


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