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Names whose Role is specifically transitory. They are usually either students, such as Squire, Apprentice, Young Slayer, or are in untenable circumstances, such as Cursed.

Transitional Names are for individuals clearly meant for greatness in a particular category (knighthood, magic, mastering a curse, etc.) but not yet settled on a specific Role. It lasts only a few years at most before the holder finds their formative pivot and transitions again. A given transitional Name's final Name and even affiliation to Good or Evil are up in the air until the last moment, and any given holder of one could mature into any of a whole family of Names.

Teaching transitional Named is dangerous, because of "mentor occupational hazard." For instance, a Black Knight training a Squire may be doomed to die so that the Squire can replace them as the new Black Knight, or conversely the Squire may reject them and become their nemesis the White Knight.

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