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The Chancellor Name is a traditional Praesi Name associated with managing the political aspect of Praes and serving as a check on both the Dread Emperor towards the nobility and on the High Lords towards the Dread Emperor. It is one of the four central Names of the Dread Empire of Praes along with Dread Emperor, Black Knight and Warlock.

Role []

The Chancellor's Role is to act as the ruling hand in Praes by following the Tyrant's deciding will. Traditionally, the Chancellor is charged with the day-to-day administration of Praes while the Emperor steers the Dread Empire towards whatever finality they may be pursuing. Having this position means being under pressure from both the High Seats and the Tyrant as the Chancellor must keep both in check. In addition, the Role of Chancellor is traditionally associated with that of the treacherous advisor.


The Name of Chancellor is geared towards management and political intrigue for the most part, providing little to no combat ability. As with most recurring Names, the abilities of the Chancellor varies wildly depending on the holder, but that power is often restricted to manipulation and plotting.