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Original Chider was a claimant to the name Squire she wanted to become a well known Goblin Named in order to curry more power and lead to more rights being given to Goblins.


Despite her diminutive size Chider is fearless an admirable quality of many of her tribe. She is a natural leader but is willing to subordinate herself in order to achieve a goal. This allows her to make alliances with her enemies such as Heiress and the other claimants. The traits combine to give Chider an unnatural will to survive, which is presumably the reason this was going to become her initial aspect.


Goblins: She shares a deep pride in Goblins and believes they are undervalued by the empire. This is her motivation for the name of Squire she believes that if she acquires a name then perhaps her people will get the treatment they deserve.

Claimants: Chider used the other claimants tow complete three major objectives that she felt she could not complete on her own: slaying the Lone swordsman, killing Cathrine, acquiring the name Squire.

Heiress: She allies with heiress for similar reasons that she allied with the other claimant she believed that with her help she could attain her goals. This almost might be due to the necromancy that was cast on her body.

Catherine: She shares a deep hatred for the current Squire willing to put her every being in stopping Squire no matter the cost. She initially united the other claimants against Catherine because she saw her as the largest threat.


She appears as a typically Goblin albeit with red skin initially but later after being slain by the lone swordsman and being buried under ruble her reincarnated body appears to be held together by magic, as it is mangled.

Name History[]

Chider acquired her name by stealing it from Catherine while in a limbo realm between creation and a summoning ground for angels. In the middle in a fight to death with Catherine she almost claimed her first aspect before meeting her end.


Chider is an expert sapper using a plethora of munitions to take out enemies. Her expertise in munitions is most likely to support her lack of physical power due to her race.

After her resurrection through necromancy her body is mangled. This might cause pain if she could feel pain, but thanks to being the living undead her pain sense has been dulled.

Once she gained the name Squire she had increased speed and strength. Despite her increased speed her reflexes were not able to compensate for the new found power and could be struck easily through feints. She almost acquired an aspect as she was battling Catherine that stemmed from her will to survive. It is unknown what this power would entail but it probably would have prolonged Chider's life.