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Christophe is an Alamans hero Named the Mirror Knight originally introduced as part of the Tenth Crusade.


Christophe grew up isolated and was taught by nuns, which gave him a very tinted worldview heavy on Proceran nationalism. He was a sickly child, who after getting his Name from elfin ladies of a lake grows a little stronger with every dawn.


Christophe is probably most known for having a very shiny armor consisting of polished silver plate, and a silver shield that lives up to his Name. Catherine describes it as a perfect reflection of all it behelds.[1]

Christophe is an Alamans with light brown hair, dark green eyes and narrow lips.


Carine Langevin: Christophe was lovers with Carine, the daughter of Prince Gaspard of Langevin. She and her father manipulated Christophe into helping their scheme to take lands promised to the Empire Ever Dark after the war against the Dead King.

Powers and Abilities

Christophe's powers revolve around defending a specific area. most of his aspects are meant to defensive capabilities essentially making him a walking fortress. His main weakness is in illusionary magic or particularly fast foes. Often times it has proven to be fruitless to engage him in combat so most individuals avoid and outmaneuver the named hero. While a skilled swordsman he relies more on brute strength rather than skill with the sword. His willpower and faith in his actions is his most admirable quality as with most heroes.

Dawn: Each morning that Christophe rises he becomes slightly stronger. The Saint estimated in 10 years he would overtake her in power.

Withstand: Passively provides defense for the knight hardening his skin against blows.

Reflect: Allows Christophe to return any magic and most likely any physical damage directed towards him.