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"The Concocter’s one of ours. She keeps it quiet but the things that end up in her cauldrons aren’t always the sort the Heavens would approve of, if you catch my drift."

The Concoctor is an Evil Name.



The Concocter is capable of brewing a multidude of potions of varying effects. The brews are described as expensive

The potions and their effects the Concocter has brewed include:

  • Knock-out gas
  • Sedatives
  • Tailored physical supplement potions
  • Tonics for fanning a last spark of life[1]
  • The Pardon. Described as red and thick, almost more molasses than liquid, and it smelling of death and partly made of at least flesh. It heals wounds to a limited degree[1]
  • Potions that stop bleeding[1]
  • A substance that lulls the drinker into a pleasant dreamlike trance, making him receptive to inquiries.[1]
  • Underwater breathing potions contaning powdered dragon bone.[2] A pale blue, milk like liquid, they last one hour.[3]
  • A substance that can turn the darkness of Dread Emperor Tenebrous' domain solid, or burn it, each at her command[4]
  • A vial that releases smoke that eats away at gear, and a solution to counter it[5]

Other Concoctions include:

  • An elongated pill meant for pain and not coated with honey or extracts
  • A gauzy transparent film that dissolves, leaving behind whatever was on it
  • An alchemical acid that devour only bone and steel, repelled by all other substances.[6]
  • Powder that washes out sorcery on contact.[3]
  • A poison cloud that hurts only elves[5]
  • Sentient drops of hate that hunted the sole person who’d not drunk an obscuring potion[5]
  • Fumes that turned to glue and the glue that turned into acid[5]

Known Holders[]

Constanza: Constanza grew up in Refuge as one of the core students there. Like the Beastmaster she’d only come to the Grand Alliance because Refuge had collapsed after Ranger’s disappearance, though her concerns had been more direct than Beastmaster’s: without a pack of Named to trade with, the Waning Woods had lost much of their appeal for her. It wasn’t like she was going to be hunting for manticore hearts or elderwood snake fangs herself. The Arsenal had been what she was after, the funding and books and safety of it, and she’d certainly thrived there. She’d gone from trading healing poultices in the woods to being able to order her pick of ingredients from Mercantis through Proceran envoys.

Constanza had been judged useful enough to be made the informal lead of one of the secret projects: Sudden Abjuration might also be under Roland, who was higher in the pecking order of the Arsenal, but it was ultimately an alchemical pursuit and so her word carried more weight than his.[7] Sudden Abjuration was an attempt to create a brew that’d affect undead like holy water and could feasibly be produced in sufficient quantity to contaminate the northern lakes.[8] Three products were salvaged from the project, amaranthine salt rock, evanescent powder, and a third unnamed one.[2]

In the Arsenal, Constanza's room is described as "a potioneer’s brewing room with a small nook to sleep in. Between the seven cauldrons, the several cabinets of ingredients and the lines crisscrossing the room with herbs hung on to dry".


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