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“Though goblins are the most secretive of all peoples, audiences with Matrons granted me some insight into their people. The Tribes have no true concept of war because there is no such thing as peace, to a goblin – only the temporary witholding of violence.”

– Extract from “Horrors and Wonders”, famed travelogue of Anabas the Ashuran

The Confederation of the Grey Eyries is a goblin polity formed during the [Uncivil Wars. It is bordered by, and at war with the Dread Empire of Praes.

Government and Politics[]

It is ruled by the Council of Matrons, as the goblin tribes were under Praes but "the alliance between the tribes was a loose thing even at the best of times". It is nominally an ally of Callow. Face tribes are the tribes who represent goblins to outsiders. Preservers are goblins tasked with the preservation of secrecy.


It rebelled against the Dread Empire of Praes, with the incitement of gold and armaments from the Kingdom of Callow. It captured the High Seat of Foramen and slaughtered every Banu they could find. Later, Matron Wither of the High Ridge tribe, along with other face tribes such as Poison Tooth, Bitter Stride and Clay Sun, seized control of Foramen and evicted the Confederation from the region.