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Constanza - more commonly known as the Concocter - as a Named raised in Refuge that joined the Grand Alliance under Catherine Foundling.


Constanza grew up in Refuge as one of the core students there. Her broken relationship with the rest very apparent in none of them knowing her actual name, before she revealed it to Indrani and Alexis during the battle against Ranger in Ater.

After Ranger left with Amadeus after the Salian peace talks - essentially ending Refuge as a concept - Concocter joined the Grand Alliance. While claiming no sides, Indrani confirms her a villain to Cat.


Concocter's skin is a southern tan, that can be from anywhere south of the Waning Woods. Indrani describes Constanza as having a general dourness.[1]

Learning early to change a person's hair colour with potions, Constanza routinely change both her eye color, lip color, hair color and hair texture. If a period of time has passed, chances are she will have changed this about herself when she next shows up, although at the beginning of the Arsenal arc she had had black hair for a few years.[1]

General looks seen from Constanza:

Arsenal: Black hair, purple eyes and matching purple lips.[1]

Meeting of villains on the road to Hainaut: Silver hair with one silver eye and one blue eye.[2]

Lysander wake: Coal black hair and very dark eyes.[3]

Wolof: Aquamarine blue hair in a bun, matching blue lips and golden-yellow eyes.[4]


Growing up as the group of main Named students in Refuge, Constanza essentially sees Hye Su and the other core students Indrani, John, Lysander and Alexis as her family. An extremely dysfunctional family fundamentally broken from the start by Ranger deliberately learning the children to never rely on each other or work together.