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The Court of Twilight is a Fae Court created by Larat,[1] although he immediately abdicated and its first – and last – king was actually Tariq Isbili.[2]


The Realm of Twilight was established in a shard of Arcadia where Masego, partially under the influence of the Dead King, had deposited the ruins of Liesse, the Observatory and the souls of the population of Thalassina in order to closely study the death of his two fathers during the destruction of Shatha's Maze and from that recreate Tikoloshe.[3]

Twilight is, as the name implies, locked in eternal twilight, "closer to night than day"; the sky is a pale and starry blue. Outside the royal palace – once the dukal palace of Liesse – is found a wide grassland with hills and rivers. The weather is reminiscent of the warm evening of a southern summer, with a soft breeze playing. Trees, vines, flowers, soft grass and moss complement the ruins of Liesse, turning it into the City of Twilight, a resting place for pilgrims and the lost.[4]