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Creation is the name given to the world where the story takes place.

Early History[]

Creation was brought into existence by the Gods, to alleviate their boredom after spending a vast span of time floating in Void that existed before. However, they disagreed as to what to do with the newly created mortals that populated Creation. Some believed that mortals should be guided to greater things, while others believed that the Gods should rule over them. The two factions became Good and Evil, though it is somewhat ambiguous which became which.

After ages spent arguing, the Gods decided on a wager to prove which view was better. They would let the mortals themselves decide, since they knew that Creation would be destroyed if the Gods went to war. This wager led to the creation of Fate, which allowed patterns and stories to form that would repeat themselves more often than not. The Good and Evil Gods began teaching their ideals to their followers, and sending them out to war with each other.

Because of the design of Fate, the most powerful patterns were ones involving Roles. The Gods gave Roles Names, and the attending power that Named use.