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Daoine is a duchy in northern Callow[1]. It is currently ruled by Duchess Kegan Iarsmai[2] and is home to the Deoraithe[1]. Daoine is known for the Wall, an enormous defensive structure built to defend from orcish raiders. It was once its own Kingdom, but was folded into the Kingdom of Callow during the Fairfax Dynasty, following the First Crusade[3]. Queen Elizabeth Alban of Callow (The Queen of Blades) once attempted to invade Daoine and was assassinated by the Watch[3], an elite group of soldiers known for their brown cloaks and skill with longbows.



Commander is a name occasionally held by the Commander of the Watch, the head of the elite group of bowmen Daoine is known for. The last known Commander was killed many years before Book 1 by the Calamities during the reign of Dread Emperor Nefarious[4]. Commander is the only Named from Daoine mentioned thus far in the series.