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"There is no peace. There is no truce. There is only the shiver before the blade claims your neck. You will fight and you will rage and you will weep, but in the end there can only ever be one end to this."

A Name that is infamous for its power over the undead as well as the holder of the name being the sole occupant of an entire country, the Kingdom of the Dead (capital Keter).


The dead king plays the role of a ruler, but one that thrives on total control. As the dead are only an extension of the one that controls them the rules is incredibly isolated for the world around but extremely paranoid thus they create more and more obstacles from enemies using their powers. The name seems to inspired by the isolation and terror that the Dead king causes.


The Dead king posses the ability to control undead more significantly than other villains. This means that not only can he control a greater quantity but a greater quality of undead. This ranges from an average hordes of skeletons, to intelligent husk of former commanders, and unique Named that still possess both their skills and memories from the past that act independent of the dead king's control, often referred to as Revenants.

Among the Revenants, there are 10 whose story's bedrock is being able to kill Named. These Revenants are coined as a Scourge.

Known Holders[]

Neshamah: Through a complicated plan involving a plague and an invasion of the People of the Wolf, Neshamah became king and used his new position to arrange the grand ritual that would lead to him becoming the Dead King.