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"To be the Diabolist was to hold power over creatures foreign to the world"
―Villainous Interlude: Exeunt

The Name Diabolist lends itself to delving into the Hells and controlling the denizens therein (demons and devils).

The name is particularly powerful as it allows the user increased proficiency with summoning magic as well as binding beings not native to creation. While this skill is meant for Demons/Devils, it works on other extraplanar entities as well. Notably the Diabolist was able to Bind a Prince of Summer, one of the most powerful beings known to exist and exert total control over his body. The requirements for the summoning through means the user must have considerable preparation. The user receives a huge boost to their magic but theireis no noticeable increase in physical power. Thus the Diabolist is a high risk high reward name that leans on the considerable power of their subordinates rather than their own power.


The role is evil it can only be gained by Named that have had considerable exposure to summoning and binding of beings foreign to the world. Considering that Akua had to sacrifice many mercenary troops to be considered for the name those who play the role of the Diabolist must sacrifice allegiance from subordinates in return for a Name that gives them control over demons.


The Named is able to summon demons into creation. The Name might make it easier to control demons or make it easier to bind them similar to the stand used to bind the demons at Marchford. The Name might also make it easier to gather devils from lower levels of hell being able to gain the allegiance of devils with sentient minds.

Known Holders[]

Akua Sahelian: Akua transitioned from Heiress to Diabolist. She gained the following three aspects: Call, Bind, Claim.

  • Call: Allows her to command any force she has personally brought into Creation.
  • Bind: This allows the binding of creatures, works more efficiently on beings that exist out of Creation.
  • Claim: Allows the stealing of power, any power directed at her can be claimed as her own.