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"Oh no, please stop wrecking everything! Like that urn in the corner, with the djinn bound inside. No, the other one, with golden – oh, woeful day, this wanton destruction of priceless artefacts is so inconvenient to me personally and absolutely no one else."
―Dread Emperor Irritant I, ‘defending’ the palace of the High Lord of Aksum from heroes[1]

Djinn are a supernatural species.


Djinn are more apt at using sorcery than humans.[2]

They are capable of mating with humans, creating humans that are more powerful mages.[2][3] Some humans descended from these offspring are resistant to flame and sunlight.[4]

Djinn do not grant wishes.[5][6]


They were said to have princes.[3]

The Ancient Taghreb bred with Djinn in a succesful attempt to produce more powerful sorcerors. The Bishara line was the first to do so. Their family still has more djinn blood than other families.[2][3]

The Praesi bound some Djinn to urns.[1][5]

Callowans believe that Djinn can grant wishes.[6][7]


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