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"“Perceive,” the Doddering Sage said, and Creation shivered."
―Chapter 16: Divine

The Doddering Sage has not openly declared itself a Hero or a Villain, although this indecision is due to his bouts of lucidity that are rare than because of any reluctance to pick a side. [1]


The Doddering Sage provides incredibly useful advice, although these moments of clarity are rare.


The Doddering Sage loops around during his conversations but is considered sharp when his mental state is around. Reckoned to be quite something back in his prime.

The Doddering Sage has revealed an Aspect: Perceive. On its use, the Doddering Sage's eyes turn pure white, appearing as if he was blind. Through Perceive, the Doddering Sage is able to peer into another being's soul, feeling out the person's Role, Name, and memories.

Known Holders[]

Unnamed man: A member of the Grand Alliance and signatory of the Truce and Terms. Described as looking haggard, wearing rumpled grey robes and ratty cloth shies, but somehow there was a sense of power to it. Has a mane of shoulder-length grey hair mixed with would have been a long and luxurious beard, were it not unkempt and amber brown eyes. The Doddering Sage also smokes wakeleaf, and is skilled at playing around with the smoke he breathes out.

Is close to a Constance, and worries about her safety. Also knows a Robert, of whom Catherine Foundling reminds him of. [2]

Doesn't have an accent and is able to speak four langauges.