"May the Heavens strike me down if I lie. Again."
―Dread Emperor Abominable, the Thrice-Struck[1]

Abominable the First was a former Dread Emperor. It’s unknown when he reigned over Praes or what he accomplished besides being struck by the Heavens three times.

Epigraphs[edit | edit source]

“May the Heavens strike me down if I lie. Again.”
– Dread Emperor Abominable, the Thrice-Struck[2]

“Hubris and wearing a helmet are not mutually exclusive. Here, allow me to demonstrate.”
– Dread Emperor Abominable, the Thrice-Struck[3]

“You should listen to the devil on your shoulder, my friend. I had it nailed onto there for a reason.”
– Dread Emperor Abominable, the Thrice-Struck[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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